As the year is coming to a close, we are left in wonder of how it flew by us so fast, again! We’ve had lots of laughter and lots of goodbyes. Hundreds of hours pouring sweat and (occasionally) blood in the training halls and the nights out that follow are the makings for friendships that will last a lifetime.

So it takes a little slowing down for us to look back at the year we’ve had. Turned out that we’ve had a pretty good year, full of growth, innovation, and achievements.

Here’s our achievements in the last 12 months

  • Held over 150 training sessions, one of the few UCD clubs training throughout the winter and summer breaks
  • Grew membership by +34% compared to previous year
  • Proudly welcomed Bank of Ireland as the club’s new Title Sponsor
  • Actively helped and promoted MS Ireland raising funds in several events, playing a part in raising cumulatively €4,500 for charity.
  • Revamped our website on new domain
  • Members of our club travelled to Glasgow and Munich for the intensive karate seminars, training with top instructors in the world
  • Hosted the world-renowned Masao Kawasoe Sensei (8th Dan JKA) karate seminar in UCD
  • Issued a whopping 47 new belts over 3 grading sessions
  • Our Freshers’ Trip to Wexford was one the largest in numbers in years
  • Retained the Dublin Karate Intercollegiate Cup for another year
  • Won back the All-Ireland Intervarsity Championship Cup
  • Awarded UCD Club of the Year!

Our showreel of 2019

This time last year we had our own little introspection, when we had an amazing year and wished for an even better 2019. And here we are now, always improving, always growing.

Here’s to a bigger, better, wonderful 2020!