From the 15th to 18th August, members of UCD Karate Club travelled to Glasgow for the 2019 JKAWF Scotland International summer Camp, an annual event that members of our club have been regularly attending every year.

Under the guidance of Sensei Masao Kawasoe (8th Dan) and Sensei Katsutoshi Shiina (7th Dan), both world-class JKA instructors, it was an incredible learning experience and a great opportunity to train with karatekas from around the world.

Through such amazing overseas seminars, our members receive the highest level training that will not only elevate their skills and knowledge to the next level, but also providing a chance to make lasting friendship with other clubs internationally. We make a special effort to encourage all our members to join future seminars and will greatly support their participation.

Now on to the good news for those who could not attend recent camp in Glasgow. Sensei Kawasoe is coming here to Dublin on the 6th of October for a one-day open seminar, providing an opportunity to train under one of the most well-respected Karate instructors. It is an event that we will not miss!