Members Benefits

UCD Karate Members enjoy exclusive benefits available from our club sponsors and affiliations.

JKA Shotokan Ireland

JKA Shotokan Ireland

JKA-SI is a Karate organisation directly affiliated to the Japan Karate Association Headquarters in Tokyo Japan, practising traditional Shotokan karate. Members of UCD Karate Club are registered JKA members and will receive the member’s booklet after first grading. Your progression is acknowledged and certified by the world’s oldest and most respectable Karate body. Our members can train at any of the Dojos under JKA Shotokan Ireland, as well as thousands of Dojos under JKA wordwide.


UCD Team Gym

UCD Sport and Fitness

UCD Sports Centre is host to 2 well-equipped gyms, open for students, staff and public. Little known to many, there is the third place, called the “Team Gym”. This facility is not available to regular students, however UCD Karate members receive free access to train.  You need to be registered with UCD Karate as a member, and the gym access will be available to you automatically. We also organise weekly team strength training, usually on Saturdays at this venue.


Reads Print and Stationery

Reads - printing and stationery supplies sponsor for UCD Karate

A local brand, Reads provides design & printing facilities in all three branches in Sandyford, Stillorgan and Bray, along with stationery supplies, art supplies and books. UCD Karate has been supported by Reads and they have been graciously helping us with numerous print requirements at the highest standards.

The website was launched in 2019 to provide their customers with a fully integrated eCommerce site where they can purchase products and services conveniently. UCD Karate student members can receive discounts at their shops, or print through the convenient new website.


Mullen Sports

Mullen Sports

A family run sports retailer in Ireland, based at the corner of Mary Street and Capel Street, Mullen is open to the public six days a week from Monday to Saturday all year round. They have been in business for over 90 years and are specialised in a wide range of martial arts, including karate uniform and gears. UCD Karate Club members receive 10% off the already great prices simply by mentioning our club name at the shop.


UCD Karate Title Sponsor

As the oldest bank in continuous operation in the country, Bank of Ireland is historically the premier banking organisation in Ireland. The Bank occupies a unique position in Irish banking history. Bank of Ireland supports communities through meaningful and impactful sponsorships, spanning a broad spectrum of interests from enterprise, sports to arts and cultural events. Sponsorship initiatives offer an opportunity to connect with their customers and colleagues supporting passions and causes that they really care about. Using sponsorship they build and strengthen key relationships with initiatives geared toward empowering young people, nurturing future sporting talent, fostering entrepreneurship, embracing different cultures and ultimately helping communities across Ireland to thrive.

UCD Karate Club is proud to associate with our Title Sponsor, Bank of Ireland and continue representing the club in national and international events and competitions. The Group’s support helps not only the growth of our club, but will also benefit all of our student members, helping them to receive better equipment, events, seminars, travels and more.


Red Bull

RedBull - UCD Karate sports drinks sponsor

Red Bull gives you wiiings, since 1987. The popular global energy drink provider has been synonymous with extreme sport since almost the inception of the brand. Over the years, Red Bull has tailored their marketing strategy that has allowed them to differ from many other brands and provided a new avenue in sponsorship and marketing for other to follow. UCD Karate was fortunate to be supported by Red Bull since 2017. Our members have also received regular supply of sugar-free energy drinks and the latest products the company has to offer.



Fyffes - fruit supply sponsor for UCD Karate

Fyffes is a fruit and fresh produce company founded in 1888 and headquartered in Dublin. The Fyffes brand is most closely associated with the banana industry, although it is applied to a wide range of fruits, including the Fyffes Gold Pineapples and Fyffes melonsTheir participation in consumer health education initiatives contributes to the promotion of healthy lifestyles. The company places particular emphasis on engagement with young people, because healthy eating habits established early on can set the pattern for life.



Avonmore - protein supply sponsor for UCD Karate

Avonmore is an Irish dairy co-operative and food and beverage brand, formed in 1966. Their range of Avonmore Protein Milk has added 50% whey and casein protein, is low in fat, and a source of Calcium, Vitamin B12 and added Vitamin D. It is a good source of extra protein that will benefit after each Karate training. They have generously provided Protein Milk on a regular basis for our members.



NetSpeed - technology sponsor for UCD Karate, providing domain and hosting

A local full IT services company, Netspeed was founded in 2002 and has enjoyed considerable success winning multiple contracts with hotels to deliver Guest Internet access over wired and wireless infrastructure. It established a reputation as a reliable, efficient and customer focused IT Services Support Company and counts over 160 companies in its customer base. Thanks to Netspeed contribution, UCD Karate has secured a dedicated web domain and hosting in 2019 for our committee to build this website.


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