As the first day of UCD Sports Expo 2019 wrapped up, we are ready for one of the busiest weeks of the year. We will be here all week!

Part of what “makes or breaks” the club is its presence at the Sports Expo on the 2nd week of lectures every academic year. This time we have the team ready for everything.

Evident of our preparedness, and boosted by the “Club of the Year” trophy at our stand, we have already received double the Monday sign-ups of last year.

Chris, Sean and Aoife attending the Karate sign-up booth on Monday afternoon. Our committee members came out in numbers to support the club’s stand at the Expo 2019.

With the new website launched this morning, the team was ready to sign all new members up online using our tablets or with students’ own phones if we are too busy.

Our system uses Hubspot registration for convenient and real-time tracking of Expo sign-ups.

President of UCD, professor Andrew J. Deeks and Suzanne Bailey, Sports Development Manager, examining UCD Karate’s online sign-up system as demonstrated by captain Callum Terry.

UCD Sports Expo 2019 Karate Registration Form

If you can’t come to the Sports Expo and would like to still sign up for our club, fear not! This is the form we’re using at the Expo. Register yourself, pass it along to your friends and get ready for the Beginners Training next week!

Will we still be here?

Of course we will! We will be at the UCD Sports Expo all week (Monday-Thursday, 10am to 4pm). Come chat with us – our club members rotate at the stand so you’ll get a chance to talk to different people every time you come back!

Stay tuned as we have a few busy weeks ahead, including the Beginners training week, Fresher’s after-party, Karate seminar, Weekend trip to Wexford and so much more!